Oral Surgery

Unfortunately in some situations tooth removal is necessary for a number of reasons. Often the patient is in some degree of pain from the offending tooth or teeth. Following assessment from a dentist we may recommend removal of one or more teeth. 

For any extraction, we first achieve excellent anesthesia (make the tooth and area numb) and check this before starting to make sure no sharp pain is experienced. The dentist will carefully extract the tooth and advise you on how to look after the socket following treatment. Sometimes sutures are used to help the healing process and a prescription may be given.

We also offer treatment for 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). Sometimes these teeth can be problematic during their eruption process. Problems often manifest between ages 18-25.  We have a full compliment of surgical and imaging equipment and are experienced in dealing with oral surgery. For difficult cases or if you have private insurance with dental cover we may refer you to an oral surgeon.  Similarly if you have a community services card you may be eligible to have your third molars taken care of under a district health board contract.