Exam & Check Up

We make half-hour appointments for an exam and check-up so that we are able to enjoy getting to know each other and find out what you would like us to do. In this time we conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and supporting tissues, screen for any oral cancer or pathology, take any radiographs (x-rays), photographs or study models when required and clean your teeth (scale and polish). We will then make any follow up appointments if any work is required and give you an estimate of your treatment costs.

We ask that you fill out a basic health questionnaire at your first appointment, and as part of your health care team, will ask to speak to your GP or specialist if we are concerned that any dental procedures may affect your well-being.

We use the latest digital x-ray equipment meaning a better image for diagnosis and less x-ray exposure to you. We also have an OPG machine which can produce a large image of both jaws. These are particularly useful for treatment planning in complex cases, investigating trauma and visualising 3rd molars (wisdom teeth).